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Mastercam classes offered:

We strive to provide flexible and relevant training to help all Mastercam users, whether beginner or skilled, to expand their capabilities to remain current and competitive.

Course lectures and projects  are designed to provide comprehensive insight into maximizing efficiency.

Mastercam 2D Mill  - 2 day class

This class provides learning opportunities into introductory machining concepts, the foundations of CAD drawings, and basic 2D Toolpaths; including Contour, Drilling, Pocketing, Thread Milling, Circle Mill, and 2D Dynamic Motion high speed toolpaths that will decrease cycle times, improve tool life, and to run a smoother motion in your machines.

Mastercam 3D Mill  - 2 day class

Mill 3D toolpaths such as Multisurface Roughing including Parallel, Project, Flowline, Contour, Restmill, and Pocket are emphasized; as well as Multisurface Finish including Parallel, Project, Flowline, Contour, Pencil, Leftover, Scallop and Blend.  This class also expands into more of the Dynamic Motion high speed 3D toolpaths.  Prerequisites:  It is recommended that students attend the introductory 2D Mill class prior to scheduling.

Mastercam Advanced Mill / Multiaxis - 2 day class

This class is intended to provide in depth knowledge on standard Mill toolpaths and toolplanes for vertical machining centers with rotaries.  Horizontal Machines are explored.  True simultaneous 5-axis toolpathing techniques will also be discussed.   Prerequisites:  This is an advanced class and it is recommended that the student attend the 2D and 3D Mill classes prior to scheduling.

Mastercam Lathe class is offered either as a 1-day class or a 2-day advanced class. 

The standard 1-day Lathe class covers basic Turning work like Facing, Roughing, Finishing, Drilling, Boring, and Threading.  Additional topics covered on the first day are Pick-off / Cut-off, Part Transfer, and Sub-spindle work.  The second day will examine the more advanced Lathe options of C & Y axis Milling.

Mastercam Design and Solids - 2 day class

This course takes you through 2D Geometry Creation, 3D Wireframe Creation, Surface Creation and Solid Creation tools.  Prerequisites:  It is recommended that the student attend the introductory 2D Mill class prior to scheduling.

Mastercam Wire  - 1 day class

Topics include:  File import, machine selection, geometry manipulation, thread and cut point creation, chaining techniques, and wirepath options.

Please contact us to inquire about any of these classes.  Schedule may be subject to change.  Confirmation reminders will be emailed one week prior.

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Registration: Please call 770-982-3400 for registration.

Agenda: Arrive at
8:00 am to meet the instructor over coffee and settle in. Class begins promptly at 8:30am . Each class consists of practical exercises and projects. Every 2-3 hours breaks are taken. Lunch is provided at a local restaurant. Classes finish up around 5:00pm .  If you would like a copy of the class files that are used during class, please bring a USB Thumb Drive / Flash Drive with at least 5GB free on the device.

Cost: The cost is $500.00 per day per student for non-maintenance customers or individuals.  Clients with a current Mastercam Maintenance Contract can take advantage of the lower rate of $300.00 per day per student.  Payment due on or before the first day of training class. Purchase orders may be faxed to 770-982-3366 or emailed to

Location:  Our Snellville offices are located approximately 20 miles east of Atlanta off US Highway 78.  Click here for directions.

Now offering classes in the Huntsville area:  The Alabama classes will be held at the MLC CAD offices on University Square .  Click here for directions.

CAD/ CAM Solutions, Inc. reserves the right to change class schedules.

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